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ItemPricingDroplet is an abstract class that is used as the base class for pricing items and displaying the results to the customer. Both PriceEachItemDroplet and PriceItemDroplet extend this class.

If you extend this class, you must override the performPricing method to return the CommerceItem(s) that have been priced. These items are then bound into the output open parameter with the default name element.

Input Parameters

The following optional parameters are permitted:

A collection of pricing models (promotions) that should be used to price the items. If this value is not supplied, then by default a collection of pricing models are used from the user’s PricingModelHolder component. This component is resolved through the userPricingModelsPath property.

The locale in which the pricing should take place.

The user for whom pricing is performed. If this value is not supplied, then the profile is resolved through the profilePath property.

The object that represents the product definition of the item to price. Typically, the items that are priced are SKUs. In that case, this is the product that encompasses all of the SKUs.

The name to use as the parameter set within the output open parameter.

Output Parameters

The priced CommerceItem or collection of priced CommerceItems. This parameter name can be changed by setting the elementName input parameter.

Open Parameters

The open parameter rendered if the CommerceItem(s) has been successfully priced.


None. ItemPricingDroplet is an abstract class that is meant to be subclassed. Refer to PriceEachItemDroplet and PriceItemDroplet for JSP examples.

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