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(ATG Business Commerce only)

The PriceDroplet servlet bean returns a price for a given product or SKU. PriceDroplet should not be confused with PriceItemDroplet, which uses the PricingEngine to actually calculate the price for a single item.

Input Parameters

product (Either this or sku must be used)
The product for which a price is desired.

sku (Either this or product must be used)
The SKU for which a price is desired.

priceList (Required)
The priceList from which to retrieve the price.

Output Parameters

The price repository item.

The error that occurred when retrieving the price.

Open Parameters

Rendered if the price for the product or SKU is retrieved successfully.

Rendered if there is no price for the given product or SKU. If you are using combined price lists and SKU-based pricing, you can use this parameter to render the SKU-based price if there is no price list price for the item (see the Using Price Lists in Combination with SKU-Based Pricing section of the
ATG Commerce Programming Guide for information on how to configure this feature).


The following example illustrates the JSP code for the PriceDroplet servlet bean:

<dsp:droplet name="/atg/commerce/pricing/priceLists/PriceDroplet">
   <dsp:param name="sku" value="sku" />
   <dsp:param name="product" value="product" />
   <dsp:oparam name="output">
      <dsp:droplet name="/atg/dynamo/droplet/Switch">
         <dsp:param name="value" param="price.pricingScheme" />
         <dsp:oparam name="listPrice">
            <dsp:valueof param="price.listPrice" converter="currency">no
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