When you modify a component’s properties in the ACC, the updated properties file is stored in one of the following locations:

Note: The ACC shows only the configuration layers used by the application to which you are currently connected.

Resetting the Default Configuration Layer

Unless you specify otherwise, the ACC editor saves all updates to a component’s configuration in the default configuration layer. Components that you create, duplicate, or paste are also placed there.

The installation initially sets the default configuration layer to <ATG9dir>/home/localconfig. You might want to change the default configuration directory if you have multiple servers running different applications. For example, you might have one server running a customer service application and another running an online store.

You can set any unlocked configuration layer as the default.

You can change the default configuration layer on the server, so it affects all server clients and persists across all editing sessions; or only on the local client. If you change the default layer locally, the setting remains in effect until you shut down the host.

To temporarily reset the default configuration layer within the ACC:

Changing a Component in a Non-Default Configuration Layer

To change a component in a non-default configuration layer:

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