The ACC provides a simple way to change many configuration settings. This section uses an example in which you change the port number of ATG’s internal RMI server.

To change the port number:

Note: Certain expert-level properties are visible only if you select the Show expert-level information check box in the Preferences > Tools > Edit Preferences dialog box.

If the component has been started (indicated by a red dot ), the Properties tab displays two columns of property values: the Configured Value and the Live Value, described in the table below. You can edit the value of any non-shaded property by clicking in its value cell and entering a new value.

Configured Value

Live Value

The value specified by the component’s properties file

The current value, which may be different from the configured value

Changes to the value appear in the ACC immediately, but the changed values are not used to configure the component until you restart the ATG platform

Changes to the value take place immediately, but are not retained if you stop the component

Note: If you are configuring a live component and change properties that are referred to by another component, the references are not updated until you restart the application; they are not updated when you stop or restart the component. For example, Component A has a status property, the value of which is linked to the status property of Component B, changes to the value of the Component B status property are not reflected in Component A. Stopping or restarting a referenced component leaves the application in an unstable state, and is not recommended.

Editing options depend on the type of property:

In the case of our example, the port number for the RMI server is set by the rmiPort property (of type int). To change the port number, click in the value cell and type the new port number.

After you make changes, choose File > Save in the Component Editor window. If the component is live, a dialog box appears, asking if you want to copy your configuration changes to the live state. If you copy the changes, restart the ATG application to ensure that the changes take effect.

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