As an alternative to using the ACC or Configuration Manager, you can always edit properties files manually. A few configuration properties can only be configured manually, and are not accessible through the ACC or Configuration Manager.

Note, however, that when configuring properties manually, no errors are generated if you specify a property name incorrectly. The component may generate an error if it cannot find the value; in this case, check your properties file for typos.

To manually edit a properties file, do the following:

For example, to change the port number of ATG’s RMI server to 8862 manually, open your <ATG9dir>/home/localconfig/atg/dynamo/ file and add (or modify) the following line:


When specifying values for a property, you can add a manual line break using the backslash (\) line continuation character:


This can help with readability when configuring lists of values.

Save the file and restart the application. Because you made the change in the localconfig directory, the new port number will override the original value (still stored in the config/atg/dynamo/ file) and will be preserved when you install a new ATG platform distribution.

For additional information about defining and managing properties files, see the Nucleus: Organizing JavaBean Components chapter of the ATG Programming Guide.

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