The Dynamo Component Browser is set up so that you can view and edit component properties. The Component Browser main page shows a list of components (called services in the Admin UI) currently running in Nucleus, such as Initial. When you click Initial, you see a page that shows the hierarchical location and class reference of that service:

Service /Initial/

Class atg.nucleus.InitialService

The forward slash character (/) separates the elements of the name into a hierarchy you can click through.

Note: Clicking the first forward slash (/) character brings you back to the main Nucleus service page.

Below the beginning information, you see tables with Properties, Event Sets, and Methods. The current service’s property names and values are listed. Continuing on the Initial service page, if you click loggingDebug in the Properties table, you see a page that shows the properties of loggingDebug; you can edit these properties on this page. For example, to enable debugging errors to be logged, go to New Value and select true. Then click the Change Value button. To see the changes listed back on the Initial service page, click your browser’s Reload button to refresh the view of the Properties table.

Note: Avoid changing system property values unless you know what they do. Changes set here will remain in effect while this ATG instance is running.

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