ATG’s global configuration settings are configured in the file (located in config/config.jar). The settings in this file control logging and log listeners and apply to all ATG components in the config tree except those that set these properties explicitly themselves. If you want to edit this file, you must edit it manually.

The components listed in the logListeners property receive messages from components that send log events. By default, two log listeners are set: ScreenLog and LogQueue. ScreenLog writes messages to the console, while LogQueue puts messages into the log files.


On JBoss, the ScreenLog component is an instance of the CommonsLoggingLogListener class, which logs via the Apache commons logging APIs.

Normally, commons logging uses the class name of the class doing the logging. ATG has changed this slightly to provide the component’s Nucleus path, prefixed with nucleusNamespace and separated by periods. The prefix prevents collisions with actual class names, and makes it clear that the logging component is a Nucleus component.

For example, the /atg/dynamo/Configuration component would have a commons logging classname of nucleusNamespace.atg.dynamo.Configuration. By default, you will see the short name of the component in the JBoss log (Configuration, in this example). To see the entire Nucleus path, set the useFullPaths property to true. The logging system will then print out atg/dynamo/Configuration as the short class name.

To disable global logging to the console, set the loggingEnabled property of the ScreenLog component to false.

See the Logging and Data Collection chapter of the ATG Programming Guide for more information.

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