ATG’s startup behavior is affected by its CLASSPATH, the Java arguments passed to the Java Virtual Machine, and any custom environment variables you define. You can modify the startup behavior of these parameters as follows:

To customize the CLASSPATH and JAVA_ARGS settings, as well as define custom environment variables, see your application server documentation.

The following table lists some common values for JAVA_ARGS:

Java Argument



Configures Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) to export RMI objects on a particular IP address; for more information, see Starting the ATG Control Center in the Running Nucleus-Based Applications chapter


Turns off the just-in-time compiler so that stack traces include full line number information


Minimum size of memory heap for Java Virtual Machine on startup


Maximum size of memory heap for Java Virtual Machine


Prevents garbage collection of classes


Enables verbose output about each class loaded, garbage collection, or Java Native Interface (JNI) messages

For more information about arguments you can use with the java command, enter the command java -help.

Note: When setting CLASSPATH be careful to append or prepend your values onto the original value of the environment variable rather than replace it, or you will omit directories that ATG needs to start properly.

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