ATG server is the term for a specific collection of configuration information, which can then be included with your Nucleus-based application when you assemble the EAR file. It can include information such as machine names and ports, system paths, and connection pools.

The ATG platform installation comes configured with a default server instance in the <ATG9dir>/home/servers/original directory. You can create additional, individually configurable ATG servers by running the <ATG9dir>/home/bin/makeDynamoServer script, or through the Configuration Manager in the Dynamo Administration UI when the default server is running. If you are using CIM to configure your installation, CIM creates ATG servers for you (see Using the Configuration and Installation Manager (CIM) in this guide).

For information about assembling an EAR file that uses a non-default server, see Using a Non-Default ATG Server in the Developing and Assembling Nucleus-Based Applications chapter of the ATG Programming Guide.

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