Configuration files for a configuration group are stored in one of these directories:

The groupconfig directory contains server and client subdirectories, which are used by the local ConfigurationServer and ConfigurationClient, respectively. The client directory obtains its content from the master ConfigurationServer and should not be edited. You should only update the server directory content on the master ConfigurationServer.

Node-Type Configuration

Configuration for a given node type is stored in the subdirectory of the same name. For example, if a configuration group defines two node types, production and staging, the master ConfigurationServer stores settings for them in two subdirectories as follows:


For example, a production setting for /atg/dynamo/service/jdbc/FakeXADataSource is stored on the master ConfigurationServer in this directory:


This file is propagated to production clients as follows:


At startup, a client’s nodetype directory is added to its configuration path and is read before its instance and localconfig directories.

Instance Configuration

Configuration settings that are specific to an ATG server instance can be stored on this path:


The master configuration server stores configuration settings for each ATG server instance in this subdirectory:


For example, a master configuration server maintains instance settings for server production1 on host saturn in this directory:


At startup, a server’s instance directory is added to its configuration path and is read immediately before any localconfig property settings.

Note: In order to avoid ambiguity among instances on a given host, each instance subdirectory has its own file. The properties in that file uniquely identify the given instance, so the master configuration server can differentiate among multiple ATG instances on the same host, if necessary.

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