A configuration group can be used to validate Nucleus properties across various configuration clients, through one or more configuration validators that run on the master configuration server. The master configuration server collects live property values from running configuration clients for validation. Validation errors and warnings are written out via Nucleus logging; these are also accessible on the master configuration server via the Dynamo Component Browser.

Installed Validators

All validators are registered with the component atg/dynamo/service/groupconfig/validation/ValidatorRegistry. The ATG distribution provides three validator components, in this Nucleus directory:





Verifies that a configured port name is unique to a given host machine. This validator is useful for checking settings such as the drpPort, and can be used by ATG services to compose a unique ID for an ATG instance.


Verifies whether all configuration clients of a given node type have the same liveconfig setting.


Checks all known repositories to determine whether the following settings are consistent:

- Client lock manager settings for repositories that use locked or distributedHybrid caching

- Subscriber repository and event sender settings for repositories that use distributed caching

All registered validators are scheduled to run according to the value set on the property ConfigurationServer.schedule — by default, every 30 seconds. You can also manually execute all registered validators by invoking the runValidators() method on the master configuration server. Errors are logged every five minutes on the master configuration server.

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