To configure the ATG platform to use the JDBC driver for your DBMS, first install the driver software on your system as instructed by the manufacturer. See your application server documentation for information on where the driver should be installed.

Oracle users: Use the Oracle JDBC driver version that matches your Oracle server version. See the Oracle ATG Web Commerce Supported Environments Matrix document in the My Oracle Support knowledge base

If you are using an Oracle OCI client to connect your application server to the Oracle database, the bit version of Oracle OCI client must match the bit version of your JDK. For example if your JDK is 32-bit, your OCI client should be 32-bit, regardless of your operating system bit size.

MSSQL users: If using WAS, use the driver class for XA connections. If using Oracle WebLogic or JBOSS, use the class for XA connections.

Oracle WebLogic users: WebLogic ships with an ojdbc14.jar located at <WLdir>/wlserver_10.0/server/lib/. More recent Oracle drivers may be available, in which case you should make certain that your CLASSPATH refers to the latest version, not the shipped version. Conflicts between Oracle’s JDBC driver and Oracle’s OCI native libraries result in crashes in the Oracle OCI driver.

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