Some disk access and memory allocation overhead can be eliminated by setting the configurationCheckMilliseconds property of the Nucleus component (with a Nucleus component path of /) to -1. This property controls whether or how often ATG rereads .properties files or .java files the next time that an instance of a given component is created (components with global scope are only created once per JVM, so this does not affect them; see the ATG Programming Guide for information on component scope). The default is 1000. This feature is useful during development, but we recommend disabling it once a site goes live for better performance. The value -1 disables the reloading of properties and .java files altogether.

Note: If you subsequently make changes to .properties files or .java files on your live site (which you generally should not do), you will need to restart your application server before changes are picked up. If you change property settings using the ACC, you may need to restart to fully register changes that may affect interdependent components.

The recommended configuration is enabled in the liveconfig configuration layer.

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