ATG includes a content distributor system that allows you to cache content from repositories to an HTTP server. Using this system can significantly speed up request handling on a site. By default, only ATG Commerce uses this system, but it can be used by any ATG application.

The content distributor system is described in the ATG Programming Guide. If you are using an HTTP server such as SunONE or Apache, no additional configuration of the content distributor system is required. If you are using your application server as your HTTP server, however, you need to configure the system to prepend the context path of the atg_bootstrap.war application (by default, /dyn) to the URL of any file it sends to the server.

The class atg.distributor.DistributorSender has a property named documentRootContextPath that you can set to specify the string to prepend. For example, for the distributor system used by ATG Commerce, set this property in the component /atg/commerce/catalog/ContentDistributor, either through the ACC or by adding the following line to the properties file of that component:

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