If you are using a SQL Repository with locked mode caching, you must enable the ClientLockManager (/atg/dynamo/service/ClientLockManager) on each ATG server and enable the ServerLockManager (/atg/dynamo/service/ServerLockManager) on one or more ATG servers. You may want to dedicate an ATG server only to lock management. Note that elements of the ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine are configured in the liveconfig layer to use locked mode caching by default.

Add the ServerLockManager component to the initialServices property of the /atg/dynamo/Initial component, and make sure that the ClientLockManager points to the correct host. The ClientLockManager should be configured like this:


The hostname of the machine running the ServerLockManager


The port configured in the ServerLockManager component (9010 by default)



The ClientLockManager is enabled by the liveconfig configuration layer. For more information about cache lock managers, see the ATG Repository Guide.

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