By default, ATG sends all log events to two log listener components: /atg/dynamo/service/logging/LogQueue (which directs output to log files) and /atg/dynamo/service/logging/ScreenLog (which directs output to the console screen). Logging to the screen can cause performance problems on a production site. You can disable logging to the screen by setting the loggingEnabled property of the ScreenLog component to false.

If you want to disable logging entirely, or specify different logging levels, you can do that in the file. For example:


The loggingDebug log generates large numbers of messages, which can impair performance, so loggingDebug should be set to false on a live site. You still have the option of overriding the global settings for a specific component. For example, if loggingDebug is set to false in the file, you can still enable it for an individual component by setting that component’s loggingDebug property to true.

See the Logging and Data Collection chapter of the ATG Programming Guide for more information.

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