The ACC creates and maintains indexes of documents and components. For sites with large numbers of documents or components, indexing can take time and CPU resources. Once your site is deployed and relatively stable, you may want to limit or eliminate the indexing of documents or components.

The document and component indexes are maintained incrementally once built, and are rebuilt completely once a day at 1 a.m. by default. An index is rebuilt at startup only if it does not exist at all.

You can selectively exclude portions of the document tree from indexing by adding absolute pathname prefixes to the excludeDirectories property of the /atg/devtools/DocumentIndex component. The same is true for component indexing, but the component is /atg/devtools/ComponentIndex instead. To improve performance on a live site, you can turn off all document and component indexing by setting the enabled property of the DocumentIndex and ComponentIndex components to false.

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