A request in a script file is specified using this syntax:

Relative_URI [ Delay_ms [ POST_lines [ Session_ID ] ] ]


The URIs in a recorded script must be relative to the document root. Note also that when the -cookies option is used, all of the session IDs in a script are replaced by the current session ID for the given thread; each thread will have a new unique session created for it.

Comments in Scripts

A line that begins with the # character is considered a comment and will be ignored (with the exception of lines that begin with #include; see next section). You can add comments to your scripts to document the purpose, author, usage, etc.

Including Scripts within Scripts

A line that begins with the #include keyword includes a specified script within the current script. For example:

#include subfile.txt

adds the contents of the script subfile.txt to the current script at that position. This is especially useful for simplifying a long script into a hierarchy of easy-to-understand parts.

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