The URLHammer program is a Java utility. URLHammer makes repeated page requests, allowing you to simulate the effects of load on your ATG application. The utility detects and reports HTTP errors, but performs no validation of the HTTP response itself. URLHammer supports HTTP cookies. You can use it to submit forms by playing back scripts (see Using the Recording Servlet). URLHammer is run from the DOS or UNIX command line. It runs in a separate JVM from ATG. For the best results, we recommend running URLHammer on a separate machine from the server you are testing.

To run the URLHammer program:

For example:

java http://examplehost:8840/ 5 10 -cookies

This creates five different threads, each of which represents a separate session that requests the specified URL 10 times (50 requests total).

You can configure URLHammer using several command line arguments that are described below; you can also use the -usage argument to get the current list of arguments. The -cookies argument makes URLHammer parse the Set-cookie headers and return cookies that it receives in all subsequent requests. If you don’t use the -cookies argument, then ATG creates new sessions for each request. Each thread has its own set of cookies. Thus, the above example creates 5 sessions and executes 10 requests in each.

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