The ATG product suite has vast possibilities for configuration and customization. These possibilities are multiplied when you consider the different platforms, HTTP servers, and database software you might use in your site. These myriad possible combinations can make it difficult to describe your Nucleus-based web application’s overall configuration in a concise way. The Configuration Reporter compiles a description of your ATG configuration, so that useful troubleshooting information is gathered in a single place.

The Configuration Reporter can generate reports in several different forms that you can use to help identify configuration problems. These reports also make it possible to e-mail configuration information to ATG support.

You can access the Configuration Reporter from the link on the Dynamo Administration UI home page, or navigate to it directly at:


The heart of the Dynamo Configuration Reporter is the service located at /atg/dynamo/service/ConfigurationReporter. The Configuration Reporter service works by browsing the hierarchy of components, starting at the root, gathering information, and outputting it in various formats.

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