Modify the ATG-Class-Path attribute of the META-INF\MANIFEST.MF file to include a reference to classes.jar. Entries are separated by a single space. Your manifest should look similar to the following:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
ATG-Config-Path: config/
ATG-J2EE: j2ee-apps/helloworld.ear
ATG-EAR-Module: j2ee-apps/helloworld.ear
ATG-Class-Path: classes lib/classes.jar <optional – dependant jars>

The classes.jar file is generated later in the process.

Note: It is good practice to jar up your classes when you deploy them to production rather than reference them in the classes folder.

You can add a reference to any other JAR file that your Nucleus components need access to; however, the ATG Assembler will replace forward slashes in the names with underscores, causing errors in the WSAD task list. Therefore, it is recommended that you add dependent JARs after assembling and importing your EAR (see Adding Dependent JARs).

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