The ATG assembler also includes two Ant tasks to simplify invoking the assembler within ant.

See Invoking the Application Assembler Through an Ant Task in the ATG Programming Guide for information.

A generic Ant build and configuration file handles:

  • Archiving your project’s classes (classes.jar).

    Note: It does not compile your classes.

  • Archiving your web project from its WSAD workspace location and placing it within your module’s J2EE structure.

  • Invoking the CreateUnpackedEarTask with the standalone, omitLicenses and adminConsole options.

  • Invoking the PackEarFileTask.

To copy, configure and run the ant build files:

  1. Place the build.xml and build.conf in your module root (<ATG9dir>/HelloWorld).

  2. Open the build.conf file.

  3. Modify the properties to match your project, module, ear, and war settings. You should not need to modify build.xml unless you want to add functionality.

  4. Open a command prompt and navigate to your module root.

  5. Type antassemble.ear or simply ant (assemble.ear is the default task).

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