ATG’s servlet pipeline includes servlets that are used for JHTML pages, and which use a FileCache component to store files that ATG has read from disk, so that subsequent accesses for those files can be delivered directly from memory instead of being read from disk. Using the FileCache component improves performance by reducing disk accesses. For maximum performance, you want the FileCache to be large enough to hold all the files that ATG serves frequently. Set the totalSize property of this component at:


to an appropriate value, measured in bytes, such as the following:

# size in bytes (2 million bytes)

One approach in sizing the FileCache is to batch compile the entire document root and set the file cache to the resulting size. Make sure, however, that you account for the size of your FileCache when you set the size of your JVM. You can preload the FileCache by creating a script that accesses every page on your site and running the script on startup.

You can view statistics on how the file cache is used, as well as the contents of the FileCache in the Dynamo Administration page at hostname:port/dyn/admin/nucleus/atg/dynamo/servlet/pipeline/FileCache.

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