When you create a Web service, the wizard places the EAR file in the <ATG9dir>/home directory. The Web service is not ready to run, however, because it does not include the necessary Nucleus classes.

In order to run the Web service, these additional steps are necessary:

For example, if your Web services EAR file is called WS.ear, you might use a command like this to assemble a Nucleus-based application named MyApp.ear:

runAssembler -add-ear-file WS.ear MyApp.ear -m MyApp DSS

If you make any subsequent changes to the Web service, you must reassemble and redeploy the application for the changes to take effect.

Note that in addition to any Web services you create, the ATG platform includes a number of prepackaged Web services. These services are packaged in three separate application modules. You can include any of these services in an assembled EAR file by including the module that contains the desired services. For example, to include the prepackaged Commerce Web services, specify the DCS.WebServices module when you assemble your application.

For more information about the runAssembler command, see the ATG Programming Guide. For information about deploying EAR files, see the documentation from your application server vendor.

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