The atg.repository.RepositoryService class contains many methods that perform basic Repository operations, independent of any particular repository implementation or instance. Such operations include getting, adding, removing and updating a repository item, setting and getting properties of repository items, and performing queries for repository items using RQL. Using the Web service generator, you can directly make some of these methods into Web services by simply clicking a form submit button.

Some others of these methods are too generic to be made available as a Web service without limiting the types of the inputs or outputs. For example, the method setPropertyValue takes a java.lang.Object as a method argument for the property value. Since Web services don’t allow java.lang.Object as an input (or output), this method cannot be used as a Web service in this form. However, we can restrict the type of this argument using the code generator template functionality, so when the Web service is generated, the outward-facing method will be strongly typed based on the property being set, and can simply call through to the more generic setPropertyValue method in the body of the Web service. The RepositoryService class has the following properties:

Property Name





The service that manages any transactions that are used to execute repository methods on this instance.



The component that manages mapping files based on repository and item descriptor name combinations. For any methods that return a RepositoryItem, this service will be consulted to retrieve mapping files to use when transforming these items into XML. See Mapping Files and XML Schemas in the Repository to XML Data Binding chapter for more information abut mapping files and the ItemDescriptorMappingManager class.



The service that knows how to turn RepositoryItems into XML.



The service that knows how to add RepositoryItems in XML format to a repository.



The service that knows how to take RepositoryItems in XML format and update them in their corresponding repositories.

For information about the XML service properties, see Repository Operations in the Repository to XML Data Binding chapter.

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