If you were to create an XML schema that included all RepositoryItem properties, some content may not be understood by standard deserializers and some may not conform to the XML 1.0 specification. Instead, you create a mapping file that determines which properties, from the RepositoryItem's item descriptor, to include or exclude from your XML schema. For instructions on how to create a mapping file, see Mapping Files.

To create a mapping file, you need to know the properties defined by your item descriptor so you can decide which of them ought to be represented in the XML schema. You can find the location of a Repository’s item descriptor in the ATG platform Dynamo Administration UI:

  1. In Dynamo Administration UI, click the Component Browser link.

  2. Navigate to the Repository component that correlates to your Web service as indicated in the documentation for your ATG Web service.

  3. Click the See Property Descriptions link beside the item descriptor name. For the item descriptor name, see the documentation for your ATG Web service.

    This list that displays includes all properties that are available to the item descriptor based on the modules that are currently running.

To make this XML schema compatible with the expectations of the resources that will use it, exclude the following items from your XML schema:

  1. RepositoryItem properties that accept primitive data types and may be null.

  2. RepositoryItem properties that accept Maps, Lists, or Sets.

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