The Integration Repository consists of a set of item descriptors. Each item is queryable through a RepositoryView using a QueryBuilder. Each item descriptor is associated with a particular Command or set of Commands. One of these Commands returns results that are converted to repository items of the given item descriptor. Other Commands are used for updating or deleting values in the remote system.

The Integration Repository includes extensions to, or implementations of, the following repository classes. Each of these classes is in the atg.adapter.integrations package.

Integration Repository extends atg.repository.RepositoryImpl
IntegrationRepositoryItemDescriptor extends
IntegrationRepositoryItem implements atg.repository.RepositoryItem,
ChangedPropertyBean implements atg.repository.RepositoryItem,
atg.repository.databinding.MappingRepositoryItem implements
atg.repository.RepositoryItem, atg.repository.MutableRepositoryItem
IntegrationRepositoryView extends atg.repository.RepositoryViewImpl

In addition, each IntegrationRepositoryItemDescriptor refers to one or more commands, which implement the atg.integrations.Command interface. The RPC call in a Command returns an object of the atg.integrations.CommandResult class. Command and CommandResult are discussed in the Remote Procedure Calls chapter.

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