The getItem operation returns the value from the local repository. If there is no result, or if the entry in the local repository is invalid, the getItem operation updates the local repository with the results returned by the execution on the remote system of the Command associated with the getItem operation.

This operation uses the IntegrationRepositoryItemDescriptor.getRemoteItem() method. Commands executed for get-item will receive whatever input is created by IntegrationRepositoryTools.createGetCommandInput(). By default this is a map of the external ID property name to the value of the external ID. If you require a more complex command input, extend IntegrationRepositoryTools and override the createGetCommandInput() method.

If the item descriptor’s use-external-id attribute is true, then the given local repository item ID is identical to the remote ID. If this attribute is false, then the remote ID must be retrieved from the local item (using the item descriptor’s external-id-property).

If getRemoteItem throws an exception, then if the item descriptor’s use-local-on-failure attribute is true, the operation returns the value from the local repository. Otherwise, the exception is passed on.

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