The removeItem operation removes the item from the local repository and from the remote system. This operation uses the IntegrationRepositoryItemDescriptor.removeRemoteItem() method. If there is a mapping file defined in the item descriptor, the target name of the external ID property is used. If the useExternalId is false, then the given ID is the local repository item ID.

The input for commands executed for remove-item is whatever input is created by IntegrationRepositoryTools.createRemoveCommandInput(). By default this is a map of the external ID property name to the value of the external ID. If you require a more complex command input, extend IntegrationRepositoryTools and override the createRemoveCommandInput() method.

If the remove operation in the remote system fails, the local item will not be removed. If the removeRemoteItem call times out, the response depends on the setting of the timeout-response attribute for the removeItem operation. The possible settings are ROLLBACK, INVALID, UNKNOWN, IGNORE.

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