The Integration Framework includes a scheduled service named CleanIntegrationData (class atg.adapter.integrations.CleanIntegrationData extends atg.service.scheduler.SingletonSchedulableService). This service is a Nucleus component with the address /atg/integrations/repository/CleanIntegrationData. It is responsible for cleaning up the persistent cache. The CleanIntegrationData service deletes from the Integration Data repository any records that have not been updated since the time specified by its expireTimePeriod property. If its deleteInvalidStateItems property is set to true, then records that are not in the state IntegrationRepository.OK will also be deleted. Note that the corresponding repository items are not deleted from the local repository. The CleanIntegrationData component has the following configurable properties:

Property Name


Default Value


Time in seconds that items remain in the persistent cache after they are last updated.

864000 (10 days)


Items are deleted if their state is not OK.



See Scheduler Services in the Core Dynamo Services chapter of the ATG Programming Guide for information about how to set schedules in schedulable services.

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