The Remote Only model is sketched in the Integration Approaches section. In this use case model, the data is maintained only on the remote system. Each time that the ATG application needs to access the data, a command is issued to the remote system.

To configure this integration model, configure your Integration Repository with transient properties. None of the repository item properties will be stored in the local repository database, so there are no table tags defined in the local repository definition file. In addition, the local-value-timeout attribute in the item descriptors of the Integration Repository is set to a small value. For example, the local repository definition might look like this:


 <item-descriptor name="contact" display-property="lastName">
 <property name="id" data-type="string"/>
 <property name="firstName" data-type="string" display-name="First Name"/>
 <property name="lastName" data-type="string" display-name="Last Name"/>
 <property name="email" data-type="string" display-name="Email Address"/>

You can define a mapping file that specifies the names of these properties on the remote system:


 <property name="id" targetName="Id" include="true"/>
 <property name="firstName" targetName="First Name" include="true"/>
 <property name="lastName" targetName="Last Name" include="true"/>
 <property name="email" targetName="Email Address" include="true"/>

The Integration Repository definition file would then look like this:


 <item-descriptor name="contact"
 external-id-property="id" use-external-id="true"
 <query command="/atg/integrations/remotex/GetContacts"
 <get-item command="/atg/integrations/remotex/GetContacts"
 <update-item command="/atg/integrations/remotex/UpdateContacts"/>

This configuration means that queries and getItem operations use the GetContacts command. Users cannot remove or create contacts in the remote system, since no Command has been defined for these operations, but can update existing ones. If the remote system is unavailable in a getItem operation, then no data is available, since the use-local-on-failure attribute is set to false.

Note that you could change this to provide ATG with read-only access to the remote system by omitting the updateItem Command, leaving only the GetContactsCommand to query and get items.

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