An extension of the property filtering feature, called property aliasing, allows you to create virtual components with properties that assemble values from a variety of sources.

The following sample specifies the name of a component which does not exist in the name attribute of the component tag, thus creating a virtual component. When creating virtual components in this way, do not use the item-descriptor tag. When this component is requested, the list of properties which is specified inside the component tag will be rendered. When requesting this component, use only the property tag with the component/target attributes or the property-customizer attribute, as the others do not provide value. The value in creating virtual component is that it allows for data from a variety of sources to be gathered and returned in a single request.

 <component name="/some/nonexisting/Component">
 <property name="proeprty1" component="/some/other/Component" target="aProperty"/>
 <property name="property2" property-customizer="some.class.Here"/>
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