Each time you create a profile group, you need to set up a profile group definition that specifies the people you want to include in (or exclude from) the group. These definitions are made up of individual rule sets, each beginning with the phrase “Include these people” or “Exclude these people.” A horizontal line separates multiple rule sets within a single definition. For examples, see the Profile Group Definition Samples section.

To create a profile group definition:

  1. Select the profile group from the Profile and Content Groups window. The Profile Group Definition window appears.

  2. Click Include or Exclude.

    • Use Include to specify the people you want to include in the group.

    • Use Exclude to specify the people you do not want to include the group.

    The beginning of the new rule set appears in the definition panel. For example, if you click Include, the phrase “Include these people” appears. The following button bar appears immediately below the rule text:

  3. Specify the people you want to include or exclude:

  4. If you want to add other condition statements to the rule, click the And Whose or the Or Whose buttons at the bottom of the Profile Group Definition window. For examples, see the Profile Group Definition Samples section.

  5. If you want to make the group definition even more specific, click Include or Exclude again to create a rule set within the definition, and then repeat step 3.

  6. Select File > Save when all your definition rules are set. Note that if you view a different switch windows without saving, the ATG Control Center automatically saves your changes.

Important: After you create or edit profile groups in the ATG Control Center, you must copy your changes from the staging server to your live site. For more information, see Copying and Switching Databases in the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

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