You can view a list of existing content groups through the Profile and Content Groups window in the ATG Control Center. To display this window, select Targeting > Profile and Content Groups.

The window has the following features:

To display the rules that define the items that are included in a given content group, click the group’s name in the Name column. The following window appears:

Content Group Definition window

The window has the following features:

  • Include and Exclude buttons, which allow you to add rules that include or exclude specific content items from this group; for example, you could set up a rule that includes any item whose author is “M. Hamilton” or a rule that excludes any item created before January 1, 2003.

  • A blue definition panel that shows the rules for this content group.

  • A series of buttons (All Items, Items in Group(s), Items in Folder(s), These Particular Items, Items Whose…) that you use to define the rule selected in the definition panel. Note that more buttons become available as you edit the rule.

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