This section describes the default Event elements you can insert into a scenario segment (see Creating a Scenario: Basic Steps).

If your application developers have added any custom events, these appear as additional options in the Events element in the Scenarios task area. For more information, see Adding Custom Events, Actions, and Conditions to Scenarios in the ATG Personalization Programming Guide. And, if your product suite includes ATG Commerce, additional Commerce-related events will appear (for example, Uses Promotion). For more information on these events, refer to the ATG Commerce documentation.

Note for developers: Scenario Event elements are triggered when the ScenarioManager component receives events sent as Dynamo Message System messages. The optional parameters that appear in the scenario editor for a specific Event element correspond to the properties of the message bean that represents that event, including properties inherited from any parent classes. For example, the parameters that you can select to further define the Logs In event are the properties associated with the DPSMessageSource component.

For more information on each Event element, refer to Using Scenario Events in the ATG Personalization Programming Guide.

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