To create an IndexingOutputConfig component, you begin by specifying:

Note that the DCS.Search module includes an IndexingOutputConfig component named /atg/commerce/search/ProductCatalogOutputConfig whose definition file is preconfigured to work with a typical catalog repository. See Transforming Catalog Data for more information.

To specify the location of the definition file, set the IndexingOutputConfig component’s definitionFile property. For example:


To specify the repository that the IndexingOutputConfig component applies to, set the component’s repository property to the full Nucleus pathname of the repository. For example:


It is also possible to specify the repository in the indexing definition file using the repository-path attribute of the top-level item element. If the repository is specified in the definition file and also by the component’s repository property, the value set by the repository property overrides the value set in the definition file.

Note that in an ATG Content Administration environment, the repository should not be set to a versioned repository. Instead, it should be set to the corresponding unversioned target repository. For example, an IndexingOutputConfig component for a product catalog in a CA environment could be set to:


For more information about specifying repositories in a CA environment, see the ATG Search Installation and Configuration Guide.

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