When a document loader is invoked, it creates an object of class atg.repository.search.indexing.Context. The PropertyAccessor and VariantProducer classes use this object to store and retrieve state information about the loading process. The Context object contains the current list of parent repository items that were navigated to reach the current item (both specifiers and repository items), the current document URL (if any), the current collected output values (if any), and status information.

One of the main uses of the Context object is to store information used to determine what variant to generate next. For example, each time a new document is generated, the LocaleVariantProducer uses the next value in its locale array to set the currentDocumentLocale property of the Context object. A PropertyAccessor instance might read the currentDocumentLocale property and use its current value to determine the locale to use for the property.

For more information about the Context object, see the ATG API Reference.

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