The DAF.Search.Base module includes a component instance of each of the form handler classes in the /atg/search/formhandlers Nucleus folder. For example, the /atg/search/formhandlers/QueryFormHandler component is of class Each form handler has a corresponding request component in the /atg/search/routing/command/search Nucleus folder. For example, the searchRequest property of the /atg/search/formhandlers/QueryFormHandler component points to the /atg/search/routing/command/search/QueryRequest component.

Commerce Components

Most of the Commerce Search functionality is based on the QueryFormHandler class. The DCS.Search.Query module adds QueryFormHandler and QueryRequest components that are preconfigured for querying the Commerce product catalog. These components are found in the /atg/commerce/search/catalog Nucleus folder. You can use these components for creating search forms and displaying facets on Commerce sites.

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