The ATG platform includes a sample Web application that demonstrates the search form handler classes. This application has search form pages for the ATG Search query types and their corresponding form handler classes. You can use the application for submitting test queries, or use the JSPs as starting points for building your own search pages. The application uses the form handler components found in /atg/search/formhandlers and the corresponding request components found in /atg/search/routing/command/search.

To run the sample application, you need to assemble an EAR file that includes the DAF.Search.Base.QueryConsole module, and deploy this application on your application server. You can then access the application at:


See the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide for more information about the port number to use. For information about assembling applications, see the ATG Programming Guide.

Once the application is open in your browser, click the link for one of the query types. This opens a page that contains a form for constructing a query of that type. Fill in the form, and then click the Search button. The results of the search are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Note that neither the search forms nor the result displays are intended to be realistic examples of how you would use these form handlers on an actual site. The forms enable you set search attributes that are rarely set by individual queries. In addition, the forms allow you to set attributes directly that would typically be determined by logic implemented in the page or in methods of the form handler itself. For the results, each page simply displays a table of the fields of the results object and their values. Obviously, on an actual site, the results would be displayed in a more usable (and selective) format.

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