The <query> and <browse> query types have a responseNumberSettings attribute that comprises many subattributes. In the query XML, this attribute is a single long delimited string that encodes the values of all of the subattributes.

In the QueryRequest and BrowseRequest classes, the corresponding responseNumberSettings property is a Map that stores these subattributes as a series of key/value pairs. This makes it possible to set the values of these subattributes individually. When the query is submitted, the values in the responseNumberSettings Map property are used to construct the string used in the query XML.

You can specify the values of all or some of the responseNumberSettings subattributes in a properties file. For example:


You can also set these values individually in JSPs, overriding the values in the properties file. For example:

<dsp:input bean="${FH}.searchRequest.responseNumberSettings.doc"
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