ATG’s built-in map converter facilitates input of Map property values on forms. You can use it with dsp:input as follows:

<dsp:input bean="" converter="map"  value="key=value" />

Note: The map converter is not required by the RepositoryFormHandler, which can handle Map data in its own way (see Managing Map Properties in the RepositoryFormHandler chapter).

By default, the map converter recognizes two separator characters:

  • equals sign (=) as the key/value separator

  • comma (,) as the separator between multiple key/value settings

The input tag can enable usage of different separator characters by including the following attributes:

  • keyvalueseparator specifies the character that separates a Map key and its value.

  • separator specifies the character that separates multiple key/value settings.

The map converter also lets you input multiple key/value pairs. For more information on using the map converter, see Map Properties in the Forms chapter.

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