When you create wireless applications, a JSP page contains a directive that specifies WML (Wireless Markup Language) output format:

<%@ page contentType="text/vnd.wap.wml"%>

JSP pages that are designed for wireless devices should set the dsp:page tag’s xml attribute so the page compiler produces XML-formatted tags.

Most DSP tags are valid for both HTML and WML output. The following DSP tags are incompatible with WML and must be replaced by wireless-friendly counterparts:

  • dsp:postfield posts response data to the server in WML.

  • dsp:go handles form processing much like dsp:form in HTML sites.

Like other DSP tag library tags, dsp:postfield and dsp:go can pass page parameters that are set on the fly and can use components to map updates to data in the database.

For general information about ATG platform wireless support, see WirelessApplicationsandDynamo in the ATG Programming Guide.

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