To enable text searches in a form handler, you set the following properties:

The search string is specified by the textInput property, typically entered by the user through a form input field.

You configure text searching with these properties:




Determines whether a query can include the wildcard symbol (*). A wildcard can replace any set of characters in a search string.

Default: true


Set to true in order to enable this component to handle text searches. A text search compares the user-supplied value to a property value that is identified in textSearchPropertyNames.


Format that the text should follow. Each repository component uses this property to specify the text format available to the database. Available options include:

- ORACLE_CONTEXT: Oracle ConText

- MSSQL_TSQ: Microsoft SQL Server

- SYBASE_SDS: Sybase SpecialtyDataStore

- DBS_TEXT_EXT: IBM DB2 with the Text Extender package


List of strings that are always used in a search. If no keywords are specified for this property, search strings must be supplied by the user.


Properties that contain text intended as search criteria. If this property is empty, all properties are searched in the item type identified by the itemTypes property.

The property should be set as follows:

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