To enable advanced searches, you set the following form handler properties:

In order to configure a component for advanced searches, set the following properties:




List of properties that are searched, where each property is specified in this format:


Property range used to narrow search results by integer values. The specified range is inclusive and uses this format:

You can leave the search range open at either end by leaving the maximum or minimum value undefined.


List of property values used in the search query. The format should appear as follows:


The URL of the page to display when the handleClearQuery() method is invoked. The specified page should have search tools. If this property is empty, handleClearQuery() returns control to the current page. See Clearing Search Query Data for more information.


The name displayed for an item type when it is used as search criteria. Each item type has a default display name; this property overwrites the default.


If set to true, enables advanced searching.


Holds the properties in advancedSearchPropertyNames and their values in a HashMap key/value relationship. This only applies to those properties in advancedSearchPropertyNames that are enumerated, RepositoryItems, or collection of RepositoryItems.

When the key is the name of a property, the value is a collection of possible values.

When the key is a repositoryId, the value is a collection of values for a specific property.

When the key is a collection of repositoryIds, the value is repositoryIds.

The format should appear as follows:

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