When you start an application that includes the ATG platform, the application uses a properties file to instantiate RepositoryFormHandler components and to set initial values in them. When you create a RepositoryFormHandler component, you should set the properties described in the following sections.


A boolean, specifies whether the form handler checks that all required properties are present during operation.


A boolean, specifies whether the value dictionary for an item is cleared and reset from the database when its repositoryId property changes. When this property is set to true, data in the value dictionary reflects the item’s database values. When set to false, the value dictionary can retain some data as the repositoryId changes from one item to another.

If the clearValueOnSet property is set to true, any change to a repositoryID clears all other properties for that item from the value dictionary. To preserve other property changes, set repositoryID to false; alternatively, raise the priority for the repositoryID input field, so updates from this field occur before updates to other properties are written to the item’s value dictionary. For example:

<dsp:input type="hidden" priority=10
bean="atg/dynamo/droplet/MyRepositoryFormHandler.repositoryId" value="Add CD"/>

A boolean, specifies whether new items should remain transient. The default is false.


A boolean, specifies whether the default values for properties that use a value dictionary display in a form that renders these values available for modification.


A string that specifies the item descriptor items handled by this RepositoryFormHandler.


A boolean, specifies whether deleting an item also deletes all references to that item. Set this property to false (the default) if the items to delete have no references, and avoids. This avoids unnecessary lookups and performance delays.

If set to true, an item deletion automatically invokes the RepositoryUtils.removeReferencesToItem method, which locates all items that reference the target item and deletes them first. For more information on this method, see the Development, Testing and Debugging with the SQL Repository in the ATG Repository Guide.


Specifies the repository where items are added, updated, and deleted. This property contains a pointer to the repository component, but can be null if the RepositoryFormHandler’s repositoryPathName property is set to the repository’s Nucleus path.


A boolean, specifies whether an item ID must be user-supplied when an item is created. If set to true (the default), an error is thrown if no ID is provided. If set to false and no ID is provided, an ID is generated for the item on the fly.

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