References files such as stylesheets and formatting pages.

<dsp:link [rel="file-type"]
  {href="file-path" | page="file-path"}
  [title="title"] />



Describes the item that is referenced; for example:



Specifies the MIME type that represents the referenced page. The MIME type must be a recognized MIME type, supported by the MIMETyper and MIMETypeDispatcher components.


Sets the page’s path and file name in two ways:


Path and file name. Resolves relative paths using the current page as a starting point. Resolves absolute paths using the Web application root as a starting point by prepending the request object’s context root to the specified value.


Contains the title as it appears on the referenced page.

Usage Notes

dsp:link lets you reference files such as stylesheets and formatting pages and makes them available to the parent page in much the same way as the HTML link tag.

Note:dsp:link uses the iclass attribute in place of the cascading stylesheet class attribute to avoid using a Java reserved word in Java code.


<dsp:link rel="stylesheet"
  title="Jefferson High School StyleSheet"/>

This example creates a link from the current page to a stylesheet called style.css that is located in the same directory. The linked page uses the standard MIMETYPE for stylesheets (text/css) and is titled Jefferson High School Stylesheet.

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