Sets a bean property or page parameter.

<dsp:setvalue target-spec [source-spec] />



Specifies the bean property or page parameter to set with one of the following attributes:


Set to…


Nucleus path, component name, and property name


Page parameter

The property specification can also include a tag converter, such as date or null. For more information, see Tag Converters in Chapter 2.


Specifies the value source as a JavaBean component, Page parameter, or Static value, as follows:

  • beanvalue="property-spec"

    Specifies a property value, where property-spec includes a Nucleus path, component name, and property name. For example:

    param="name" beanvalue=""

  • param="param-name"

    Specifies the value from the page parameter param-name. For example:

    bean="Student_01.enrollmentDate" paramvalue="today"

  • value="static-value"

    Specifies a static value. For example:

    bean="Student_01.juniorHighSchool" value="Roosevelt"

    bean="Student_01.juniorHighSchool" value="true"

Usage Notes

dsp:setvalue lets you set a bean property or page parameter with a value copied from another bean property, page parameter, or constant. If no value is specified, the variable is set to null.


<dsp:setvalue bean="" paramvalue="currentName"/>
<dsp:setvalue param="graduationDate" value="June 12, 2002"

This example assumes that the currentName page parameter has been previously set to a value. That value is copied to the name property of the Student_01 component by the first dsp:setvalue tag. The second tag sets the constant June 12, 2002 to page parameter graduationDate and formats that date so it is saved as 6/12/2002.

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