Chapter 7. Performance and Tuning

Table of Contents

7.1. Introduction to Oracle VDI Performance and Tuning
7.2. Oracle VDI Hosts
7.2.1. Sizing Guidelines for Oracle VDI Servers
7.2.2. Controlling the Number of Sessions on an Oracle VDI Host
7.3. Virtualization Hosts
7.3.1. Sizing Guidelines for Oracle VM VirtualBox Servers
7.4. Storage Performance and Tuning
7.4.1. Sizing Guidelines for Sun ZFS Storage Servers
7.4.2. About ZFS Storage Caches
7.4.3. Managing the ZIL on Oracle Solaris Platforms
7.4.4. Oracle VDI Global Settings for Storage
7.4.5. About Block Alignment
7.5. Networking
7.5.1. How to Configure a Dedicated iSCSI Network
7.5.2. How to Configure Link Aggregation
7.5.3. How to Configure a VLAN
7.6. Virtual Machines
7.6.1. How to Configure Desktop Resources Per Pool (Oracle VDI Provider)
7.6.2. Optimizing Windows 7 Desktop Images
7.6.3. Optimizing Windows Vista Desktop Images
7.6.4. Optimizing Windows XP Desktop Images
7.6.5. Optimizing Desktop Images for Other Operating Systems