Chapter 1. Getting Started With Oracle VDI

This guide describes how to get started with Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and is intended for administrators who are new to the product.

Oracle VDI provides access to virtualized desktops hosted in a data center. An Oracle VDI system consists of fours elements:

The key terminology used in this guide that you should understand is:

Documentation for Oracle VDI and related products, such as Sun Ray Software, can be found at:

The guide takes you through the basics steps for configuring an Oracle VDI deployment using a single host. By the end of the guide, users should be able to access a windows desktop that has been cloned from a template.

The single host model used in this guide is suitable for evaluation deployments as it requires very few resources. However for larger deployments, multiple hosts are required to provide for scalability and resilience.

Chapter 2, Before You Begin contains important preparation information that is the foundation for the rest of this guide. Pay careful attention to the requirements.