Chapter 8. Connecting to a Desktop

In this chapter, you connect to a desktop in the pool.

Now that the pool has been filled with desktops, you can log in to Oracle VDI and connect to a desktop. For this you need to start Oracle Virtual Desktop Client. On the Connect Virtual Desktop Client screen, enter the fully-qualified DNS name of your Oracle VDI host in the Server field and click Connect.

After a few moments, the Oracle VDI Desktop Login screen displays. Enter the Active Directory or LDAP user name and password of a user in the user directory, and a domain name, and then click Log In.

Figure 8.1. Oracle VDI Desktop Login Screen

The image shows the Oracle VDI Desktop Login Screen. There are entries in the User Name, Password and Domain fields.

After a few moments, your windows desktop should display and you should be automatically logged in to Windows. You might see a message in the Windows desktop that says your desktop is being prepared before the actual desktop is displayed. You can now use the desktop just like a regular computer.

If the user name you used had been assigned to more than one desktop or pool, a desktop selector screen is displayed after you log in to Oracle VDI. The desktop selector screen enables you to choose the desktop you want to use, as shown in Figure 8.2. If you configure support for multiple monitors, you can also connect to multiple desktops simultaneously.

Figure 8.2. Desktop Selector Screen

The image shows the Desktop Selector screen. Two pools are listed so that the user can choose a desktop to connect to.

In the desktop, go to the Windows Control Panel, select System and Security, and System. Check the System information for the desktop. It should show that the computer is joined to the domain, and that the computer name is the name of the desktop in the pool. Check the name of the user in the Windows Start Menu. It should show the correct user name.

Figure 8.3. Control Panel System Information

The image shows a Windows 7 desktop. The Windows Control Panel and Windows Start menu are displayed, showing the user name, computer name and domain name.

In Chapter 9, Managing Desktops you learn about the key concepts for managing the desktops in a pool.